Thankful for the great friends I have in my life! I went to visit my friends back at CSULA because why not?! The plan was to get boba, but turns out, they already planned a surprise for mine and my other friend’s birthday with sprinkles cupcakes T_____T gahh!!! Wasn’t ready for that at all…..this just shows y’all care and I couldn’t ask for anything more! ❤️

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The greatest pretenders forget to remember the lies
We’re falling together, that does the receiver tonight..

Yay! It’s a good feeling not having to study for the week because my quiz for lab is postponed to next friday! All I really need to do is give a presentation on Thursday and then enjoy the fact that it’s my birthday on Friday :D Cool! Awesome week….feels weird tho…not having to worry for a few days lol.


Jang Kiyong for ROLIAT 14/FW Collection

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